India’s Own Navigation system – NAVIC

The Name NAVIC (NAVigation with Indian Constellation), You may not heard before, but it true that india is developed it's own navigation system called navic.

What is navigation system ?

Navigation system in simple laymen language is a system which provides exact location of position and help to navigate i. e. where you want from one place to anotther.
you already used the navigation system  called GPS (Global positioning System) in your smartphone or car for getting direction of various direction using google map, here map or apple map, this is navigation system which developed, managed and control by USA. now after some time you able to use navic system in your phone or car.


Review of Modi Govt.

More Than one year gone of Modi govt. in India and its time to second budget of of finance ministry Arun jetly. however compare to previous year less expectation are aspect from this year  annual budget, this might because of recent market move down and economic condition etc.

Now its time to review the work of modi govt. is that it as per expectation or not. lest take negative (-) point First because its so many and Interesting.

e-Dhara: Computerize Land records

Name of the project: e-Dhara

Department under which the project was taken: Revenue Department, Government of Gujarat, India

To enable access and maintenance of Village Land Records in an Easy, Transparent and Secure manner.
Project Description:

After digitizing all land records, e-Dhara Kendras(e-DK) have been setup at Taluka Mamlatdar offices to take up day to day activities of land records such as mutations and issue of Record of Rights (RoR).  Workflow based software (BhuLekh Soft) has been implemented since 2004-2005.
By Integrating BhuLekh Soft with the e Gram Vishwa Gram (eGVG) project, that provides broadband connectivity through VSAT to village Panchayats, farmers can get RoR copies from the Village Panchayat itself.While Talati / Village Computer Entrepreneur (VCE) posts the request on the RoR portal, Deputy Mamlatdar, (e-DK) would process the RoR and upload it on to the Central server so that the print out is taken at the village. Since Jan 2006, RoR@Village has been operational in 2279 villages of 166 Talukas and the facility has been expanding with the availability of broadband under eGVG project.

Kalpasar Project: Objective & Benefit

Kalpasar Project: Objective:

KALPASAR objectives In the Gulf of Khambhat, embraced by the Gujarat mainland and the eastern coast of Saurashtra peninsula, yearly a volume of over 30,000 Mm3 of waters flows away before it can be used to mitigate the severe shortage of drinking and irrigation water in Gujarat, especially in the Saurashtra peninsula. 

The Gulf of Khambhat Project, or KALPASAR, aims at the creation of a fresh water reservoir in the Gulf of Khambhat by the construction of a dam connecting the east and west bank of the Gulf. In the reservoir, the runoff from Sabarmati, Mahi, Dadar and Narmada will be stored, together with the waters from the Saurashtra rivers discharging into the Gulf of Khambhat. The stored waters are to be used for irrigation, water supply and industrial requirements in the Saurashtra region. KALPASAR is considered the evident solution for solving on the short as well as on the long term the threatening drinking and irrigation water problems in Saurashtra.

Kalpasar Project: about Kalpasar Project

Kalpasar Project - Gujarat
Kalpasar Project: about Kalpasar Project: The Kalpasar project - Gujarat under the gulf of khambhat development project is mainly water resources project by way of  building a Over the Sea dam across gulf of khambhat.

The objective to establishing huge fresh water reservoir for meeting demand of drinking, irrigation, domestic and industrial water water supply. and its supplementary objective as a benefit from kalpasar project is to reservoir use of top of the dam across the gulf as a surface transport link, potential development of fisheries , reclamation of saline land and project related to renewable energy. 
         If this project complete than it becomes World's Largest man made fresh water reservoir in the Sea.
    Hovever project is under aprovel and waiting for allotment of fund from govt.
    Go to following website for current status and news of Kalpsar project

    Updated : Windows 10 for phone preview launch to 10080

    Windows 10 for phone preview Image Leaked
    Notification + Action center of windows 10 for Phone

    Finally Windows 10 for phone are coming to the windows phone as preview.
    as new tweeted by Tom Warren Windows 10 are finally coming soon in nearly

    Action Center Come with three rows, entire settings

    however, they tweeted that preview isn't like  bad or buggy ios beta, they also advise that do not download in your primary devise, preview may contain bugs