Review of Modi Govt.

More Than one year gone of Modi govt. in India and its time to second budget of of finance ministry Arun jetly. however compare to previous year less expectation are aspect from this year  annual budget, this might because of recent market move down and economic condition etc.

Now its time to review the work of modi govt. is that it as per expectation or not. lest take negative (-) point First because its so many and Interesting.

- Point

- it is true that govt, started so many project but all project are not work well, its look like govt, want to take copyright of all project and good name like startup India, standup India i.e. i started this project or that project. important is that how the project are visible on the ground lets review some project..
  • Make in India : which create good value at international level but FII are not invested and funds are not comes as aspected. this is might because Investor not infatuate with advertisement or a  good logo of make in india project they want actual taxation policy or ground benefit to earn money.
  • Swatch Bharat: idea is good but true is that all money receive in the name of swatch bharat cess is still not utilise for the purpose which collected.
-it seem that govt. launch new program or event at Saturday and Sunday to get more popularity and get benefit of advertisement to public at large level because Saturday even are come front news of sunday newspaper and people are free to read etc. it shows that modi govt. want to show off or want publicity.

-Mr. modi visited most of country this take more expanse for their visit and also some country request some benefit on visit.

-public don't want luxuries facility and hi fi feature of some project or product of govt. middle class people want first necessity to fulfill. like first they have to provide basic facility to people like water, food, agriculture market, public transportation etc, they don't want high speed bullet train.

- each scheme which lunch is the earnings of public so that spending should not unnecessary by introducing new and new scheme or project

- crude price are down but no reduce in price of petrol and diesel, it might they transfer fund to other investment but it noted that on that point they also criticize the congess govt. and now their turn they doing same. same case happen in FDI in retail, they want to make FDI in retail but they criticize previously in congress govt.

- GST Bill also not passing because of not support of congress, becuese they also not supported this bill previously.

- govt. also save money for planing of 4th and 5th year of their period to make high growth and launch more and more project or complete them and work well in last period i.e. to shows or attract to vote them.        

+ Point 

+ govt. started number of new project which might helpful in future like Make in india, Startup India, Digital India, Swatch Bharat etc and more

+ govt. has broad vision to future india and they are working on it

+ Highly motivation action which looks like it change India Drastically.

+ govt. actions covers most of the backward area to developed and to competition india to international level.

+ creating goo image of india at international level.

+ encouraging woman to start up new venture or business etc. and motivate people to take participant and benefit from govt. project.

+ Digital india helps india in transparency in govt. transaction and reduce corruption like E-auction of coal mine and Pahal etc.

moreover such project or event not looks beneficiary or fusible  at current level but take good participant in future. it depend on how it work on that in future and economic condition.

Indian Govt. take action against black money, Demonetisation of old note which is improves banks fund.
click here for more detail and news  :

Demonetization helped banks improve their fund situation


write what is you are thinking about this ?

Note: it noted that above said information is only thinking of my perspective and mind, i am may wrong on that information. purpose is only to provide comparative information and different Thinking not to influence reader. kindly take Discretion. 

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