Kalpasar Project: Objective & Benefit

Kalpasar Project: Objective:

KALPASAR objectives In the Gulf of Khambhat, embraced by the Gujarat mainland and the eastern coast of Saurashtra peninsula, yearly a volume of over 30,000 Mm3 of waters flows away before it can be used to mitigate the severe shortage of drinking and irrigation water in Gujarat, especially in the Saurashtra peninsula. 

The Gulf of Khambhat Project, or KALPASAR, aims at the creation of a fresh water reservoir in the Gulf of Khambhat by the construction of a dam connecting the east and west bank of the Gulf. In the reservoir, the runoff from Sabarmati, Mahi, Dadar and Narmada will be stored, together with the waters from the Saurashtra rivers discharging into the Gulf of Khambhat. The stored waters are to be used for irrigation, water supply and industrial requirements in the Saurashtra region. KALPASAR is considered the evident solution for solving on the short as well as on the long term the threatening drinking and irrigation water problems in Saurashtra.

Once the Gulf is closed, water levels within the reservoir can be controlled while the tidal fluctuation outside the reservoir continues and, hence, can be harnessed for the generation of tidal energy.

In addition to fresh water storage and tidal power generation, KALPASAR also aims at land reclamation, transportation improvements, and fisheries development

It details the proposed 530 billion Kalpasar multipurpose dam project which is envisaged for  construction across the Gulf of Khambat.

In accordance with this project, a mega fresh water reservoir will be constructed on the upstream side of the dam by impounding the surplus waters of numerous rivers like Narmada, Dhadar, Mahi, Vatrak, Meshavo, Sabarmati, Bhogavo, Belo and Kalubhar.

This project, if implemented with dedication and without corruption, will resolve four vital problems of the State of Gujarat which are water, electrical power, road-rail transport and development of ports

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World’s largest man-made fresh water reservoir in the  sea.

Highest importance and priority to irrigation and drinking  water for Saurashtra and Central Gujarat regions.

The Reservoir will have the storage more than double the Sardar Sarovar (Narmada Reservoir) capacity.

More than 10.54 lakh ha land in 39 talukas of 6 districts of Saurashtra region will get irrigation benefit facility including rejuvenation of rivers. More than 60 existing dams will get permanently filled up with water.

The Wind and solar energy will be generated which can also be used for lifting fresh water from the reservoir to the canal.

Bhavnagar port will get revived which will result into speedy development of the region.

There will be large saving in travel time and fuel due to the reduction in the distance by about 200 km between Bhavnagar to Surat-Mumbai.

The saline ground water of coastal area of Saurashtra & Central Gujarat will get converted into fresh water with the reduction in soil salinity.

Substantial improvement in ground water quality as well as soil salinity of the coastal area of Saurashtra & Central Gujarat.

About 2 lakh ha land along the periphery of the reservoir will be opened up for development towards value-based land utilization.

The enhanced benefit of world class industrial estate like Dahej and Dholera will be available to Bhavnagar/Saurashtra region.

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